Following the pandemic-led shift to e-commerce and increasing demand for authentic digital engagements from consumers, live streaming e-commerce (shoppable live video) presents a significant opportunity for brands and retailers to retain consumer engagement online and drive sales through an entertaining and seamless format.

Coresight Research has identified live streaming e-commerce as one of the key trends to watch in retail in 2022. In this report, we debunk six myths often heard in boardrooms about how to set up Livestream events, what consumers value most when it comes to live shopping, and the impact on sales of successful digital interaction.

By decoding these common myths, we present brands and retailers with critical insights into optimizing their US Livestream e-commerce strategies to win in the live-shopping space. Coresight Research estimates that the US Livestream e-commerce market will total $17 billion in 2022, up 54.5% from an estimated $11 billion in 2021. We calculate that this would increase live streaming e-commerce penetration (as a percentage of the total e-commerce market) from 1.3% to 1.9% in the same time frame—resulting in more than double the 0.8% penetration we saw in 2020 (when the US live streaming e-commerce market totaled $6 billion).


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